Woman to Woman Heart to Heart

“Woman to Woman Heart to Heart” is a live program that delivers inspirational, hard-hitting, bible based solutions to everyday issues that are not normally addressed in a church setting. A diverse platform of topics includes, Women Ministry, The Business Woman, Teen Empowerment, and much more such as walking in purity and knowing your value through God’s eyes as a single woman and marriage.

The Mission

Our mission is to bring the Creator’s Word to women of all ages and ethnicities based in Biblical principles so that all women can know His plans, purpose and destiny for their lives – unveiling their identity and God given potential.

The Reach

Woman to Woman Heart to Heart is shown. UStream.tv. our program reaches all over the world via national and international live streaming. Our program airs, ‘live’ bi-weekly beginning Friday April 11, 2011 at 2:30 p.m. (CST).

The Opportunity

Woman to Woman Ministries recognizes your influence within the communities and has developed an exclusive partnership opportunity for you to reach more individuals, touch lives and grow your global impact. As a visible Donor of Woman to Woman Heart to Heart, this opportunity enables you to maximize your public relations efforts through a prominent and formidable venue.

There are several levels to this giving opportunity and we appreciate you support. We will recognize your gift on Banner advertising via logo inclusion on all websites including Facebook, major social networks, book- marking sites and targeted email blasts.

For details, see below Partnership Program flyer. We are excited about this opportunity to partner with your organization. Thank you for your consideration.

Annual Partner Donors

Exclusive TV Appearance

As a select & exclusive partner, you are invited to be a guest on our program. The segment will address your Business/ministry within the community and promote the cause for the empowerment of women.

Promotional Branding